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All of my latest amazon finds can be viewed below. Want to buy a product for yourself? Its as easy as clicking the link! 

Amazon Links

As a single mom I know getting a good product for your hard earned money is so important! I hope to put your mind at ease with recommendations that I use in my own home or have purchased for clients. 

Candle Lamp
Picture light hardwired
Mushroom peel and stick
Black pulls
picture light hardwired.jpg
Olive Tree
Crazy Branches
mushroom wallpaper.jpg
black pulls.jpg
olive tree.jpg
crazy branches.jpg

Shop this look...

new bedroom.jpg
duvet cover.jpg
remote plug.jpg
bed frame.jpg
curtains short.jpg
duvet cover.jpg
desk lamp 2.jpg
rechargeable light bulbs.jpg
duvet insert.jpg
mattress cover.jpg
battery backup.jpg

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